Ceebus Technologies Underwater Location and Communication

Ceebus Technologies specializes in developing miniature underwater acoustic communication and location systems that work under the most demanding conditions.

Our History

For our entire history our primary focus has been on Underwater Location and Communication with much of the funding coming from US DoD SBIRs and STTRs.

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Our Technology

Our patented tetrahedral array is an enabling technology for underwater acoustic communication and location.

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Military System

The C3SA MOD 0 system is our flagship product. The key components of the C3SA MOD 0 System are the Array Unit, Diver Display Unit and the Surface Support Boat (SSB) Tablet.

Ceebus C3SA System

Military Offering

Ceebus is pleased to offer the US DoD and other authorized users of the DLA SOE TLS Contract Vehicle, the C3SA MOD 0 System for Test & Evaluation.

C3SA MOD 0 Diver Kit

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