Military Offering C3SA MOD 0 System

Ceebus is pleased to offer the US DoD and other authorized users of the DLA SOE TLS Contract Vehicle, the C3SA MOD 0 System for Test & Evaluation.

Our Products

Ceebus has spent over a decade perfecting its C3SA MOD 0 System for Diver Location and Communication. It has been approved for sale on the DLA Vehicle for authorized buyers. Training and User Technical Support are also available for user training events

C3SA MOD 0 Diver Kit

One Diver Kit is required for one diver.

C3SA MOD 0 Diver Kit

C3SA MOD 0 Surface Support Boat (SSB) Kit

One SSB Kit is required for one surface support boat.

C3SA MOD 0 Surface Support Boat (SSB) Kit

Early Offering

With this early offering of the C3SA System, MSRP pricing is as follows:

C3SA System

Part Number C3SA-MOD0-SYS


per system

The system contains

  • five (5 each) C3SA Diver Kits, Part Number:C3SA-MOD0-DUK
  • one (1 each) Surface Support Boat (SSB) Kit Part Number: C3SA-MOD0-SBK
  • one (1 each) System Diver Mounting Kit C3SA-MOD0-RMK (Rebreather Mounting Kit for 5 Divers)

C3SA MOD0 System Training

Part Number: C3SA-MOD0-TTS


for three training locations, two weeks for each location


  • two (2) separate in-person training events at each of the three (3) training locations based on the user’s preference within the United States.
  • Each training event can be conducted with same group of divers for both weeks or the customer can elect to have two separate diver groups, one for each week.
  • Training for each event will include sessions on system orientation, set-up, preparation, array mounting and system operation in a classroom environment. The remaining portion of the week will be to participate in “open water” technical support and Q&A opportunities.


The C3SA System is subject to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) administered by the Department of Commerce (DOC), Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS). Export Control Classification Number (ECCN): 6A991. Please reference the for most up to date export and/or re-export information. Please contact Ceebus if you have any questions or would like to have additional information on the C3SA System offerings.