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Our patented tetrahedral array is an enabling technology for underwater communication and location.

The Array Unit

The diver is equipped with a Display Unit strapped on the wrist, which communicates wirelessly with the Array Unit mounted on the diver’s life support gear. A key component within the Array Unit is our acoustic tetrahedral array.

The Array Unit

Dimensions: 5.6 x 3.7 x 5.4 inches

How the Tetrahedral Array Works

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Direct Paths
Indirect Paths

This diagram illustrates how our patented Tetrahedral Array works.

By receiving in all directions (omnidirectionally), the array can discriminate between the direct acoustic path and unwanted indirect acoustic paths (resulting from water surface, bottom or other surface reflections), on a first to arrive basis.

By having all array elements see in all directions during receive, using triangulation techniques, our system is able to discriminate the relative direction of the source at nearly any location.

Wide-band spread-spectrum and other signal processing techniques are used to reject multi-path, ambient noise and Doppler effects.

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